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Child Care Referral for Providers

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How do I complete my annual update for the Child Care Referral Program? Complete the Provider Information Form and Rate Form or contact your local CCR&R Agency.  Keep your vacancies and facility profile updated so families receive your current information.

**SPECIAL NOTE on RATE CHANGES:  If you need to make a rate change as an existing provider or report rates as a new provider for scholarship payment purposes, report these changes by choosing one of the following options: complete the Rate Form online, submit a printed provider rate form, or contact a referral specialist at your local CCR&R to have a provider rate form mailed,  emailed, or faxed. Please include your name, facility name, PV number, PS number, city, contact phone number and the daily and hourly rates for both age categories (infant 0-2 yrs and child 2-12 yrs).

How do I participate with the Child Care Referral Program? submit your provider information online.

How do I change my business name, address, phone number, ages providing care for, hours of operation, etc. on my license? Complete this form and submit it to the Quality Assurance Division (QAD) then email or call your local CCR&R and explain the changes you have submitted to licensing so families receive current information. The changes represented on this form cannot be changed by CCR&R referral staff and must be changed by QAD staff and could affect your scholarship payments if not submitted to QAD.

Where do I send my invoices to receive payment for families receiving the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship? Send your invoices to the families’ local CCR&R.  Your local CCR&R offers professional development opportunities and assistance regarding STARS to Quality, mini grants, etc.

How do I contact my child care licensor? Find your local child care licensor

What are your business hours? Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. If you need to meet at another time call 761.6010 or 800.696.4503 to make an appointment.