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Shelby Child Care Initiative

Regional Child Care Providers Encouraged to Expand Services to Shelby, Montana

Shelby Promoter – For publication August 9, 2023

In an effort to meet the growing demand for quality child care services in Shelby, Montana, local stakeholders are encouraging regional day care providers to consider expanding their operations to this vibrant community. With a range of compelling incentives, Shelby offers numerous opportunities for providers to contribute to the well-being and development of local children. Industry professionals are being urged to explore the following advantages:

1. Potential Partnership with First Baptist Church on Facility

Shelby presents an exciting potential for partnership with First Baptist Church to establish a facility that can accommodate the growing number of children in need of quality care. This collaborative effort can leverage the church’s existing resources and infrastructure to provide a nurturing and secure environment that meets the highest standards of child care.

2. Grant Funding for Training and Amenities

Providers who choose to expand their services to Shelby may have access to grant funding aimed at supporting crucial training programs and improving necessary amenities. The grants can help providers enhance their staff’s skills and qualifications, ultimately leading to a higher quality of care and a more enriching environment for children in their care.

3. MT DPHHS Child Care Scholarships

Parents seeking child care in Shelby can take advantage of the Montana State Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) child care scholarships. These scholarships aim to assist families by significantly reducing the financial burden associated with child care costs. Providers expanding to Shelby can benefit from the availability of these scholarships, attracting more families to their facilities.

4. State Rate Reimbursement is Higher than Local Rates

One of the most compelling reasons for child care providers to consider expanding their services to Shelby is the state rate reimbursement, which is higher than local rates. By offering competitive rates, providers can ensure their sustainability while providing high-quality care for children in the community. This opportunity enables providers to not only make a positive impact on the lives of children but also establish a viable business venture.

5. Family Connections Assistance

Family Connections, a local resource and referral agency, is dedicated to supporting families and child care providers. Providers that choose to expand their services to Shelby can benefit from the guidance and assistance provided by Family Connections. They offer valuable resources, training, and ongoing support to ensure that providers can thrive and excel in their role.

Expanding child care services to Shelby holds great potential for providers to make a lasting impact on the community while addressing the growing demands of working parents. Interested providers are encouraged to explore the range of incentives available and consider the benefits of bringing their expertise to Shelby. For more information and to express interest, please contact the Office of Community Development ~ Lorette Carter at (406) 434-5222 or email

The Shelby Child Care Initiative was formed in partnership with Core Civic, School District #14, Logan Health, Marias Healthcare Services, First Baptist Church, Family Connections, Montana Child Care Business Connect, Zero To Five Montana and the City of Shelby.  These stakeholders have been working diligently to research child care needs of the community and seek sustainable solutions for the benefit of our community.  The goal and mission of the group is to meet the demand for child care services and provide a business opportunity that employs residents and most importantly, provides for the well-being and development of our children while parents work.

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