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New Provider and Emergency Financial Assistance Program

Announcing the revised New Provider and Emergency Financial Assistance Program.

This program supports new programs looking to be awarded a child care license or registration within six months or programs that have experienced an emergency that causes an interruption of child care services.

Please click here for the application.

The Provider Financial Assistance Program funds can be used for the purposes of:

  • Start Up Funds
    • For New programs in the process of becoming registered/licensed through the State of Montana; or for programs that have become registered/licensed within 6 months of the grant application.
    • Licensing compliance such as balance of funds needed for fencing, egress windows, indoor/outdoor equipment, materials, etc.
    • Business equipment such as a computer, printer, and/or software to manage CACFP claims and customer billing, or Sign In/Sign out/Immunization tracking software
  • Emergency/Health and Safety Standards
    • Licensed/Registered programs that have experienced an emergency that could affect their ability to provide care and is not covered by insurance or not fully covered by insurance.
    • Licensed /registered programs that have health and safety concerns that could impact their ability to maintain their registration/license or their ability to provide care.

Programs that have received ARPA Stabilization Grants, ARPA Child Care Innovation Grants, or ARPA

Child Care Desert Grants are not eligible for Provider Financial Assistance Grants. 

 Please read the application carefully. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

 For more information, please call the office at 406-761-6010.

Region 5 providers can email their competed electronic applications to:

Region 6 providers can mail their completed application to the Havre office: (Family Connections c/o Khristi Drabbs: 2229 5th Ave, Havre MT 59501); or email them to