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Real Art for Real Children

Adults have the opportunity to provide the time, space, materials, and atmosphere to create the wonderful works of art that only children can create. In valuing a child’s first artistic attempts, however, we should appreciate the beauty of the color and design rather than worry about the finished product.

Real art for real children is:

  • Personal: Art can be as simple as colors representing a pretty day or as complex as a series of lines which express a sad feeling. It is important that each idea be developed by the child without adult preconceptions.
  • Spontaneous: Always be ready for that creative moment!
  • Inventive: Children need to have access to a variety of materials. Some art masters paint with egg yolks, mashed berries for color, and use sticks for brushes. Experiment!
  • Imaginative: Cows can be purple, tears gray with glitter. The moon really can smile, and mommies can have six arms, as they seem to in real life.
  • Unique: An original idea, combined with imaginative expression and materials of the child’s choice, encourages ownership and a positive sense of self-esteem. No two works of art look the same, especially when young children are the artists.
  • Therapeutic: Art provides children with the means to gain control over their feelings. A completed creative work establishes feelings of self-satisfaction and self-confidence.
  • Fun: Whether children concentrate alone or work in a shared creative group, a positive enthusiastic atmosphere of enjoyment is essential.