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Updates on CARES Act funding

Great news! Additional grants will be awarded to licensed and registered child care programs. See below from ECSB:
Good afternoon,
I would like to provide an update on guidance, and information on the CARES Act funding for CCDF.
Child care is a foundation for parent’s participation in the workforce, and yet a parent’s work schedule can be unpredictable these days. The business of child care is a market-based system that struggles to meet the constantly changing needs of working parents due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as making the adjustments needed to provide a safe and healthy environment in the COVID emergency. Couple that with guidance and communication that can seem to be either not enough, or too much, or changing often to meet the critical needs of the people of Montana.
Child care programs operate on a slim margin and the structure of this profession was fragile before the coronavirus, but now the market is especially vulnerable. To support and meet these needs Montana was awarded $10,113,887 from the CARES Act specifically for Child Care Development Fund use to cover child care costs of essential workers during the pandemic. The award provided flexibility in how the funds could be used to support the market, working families, and children.
Please see this overview of Montana’s use and plan for the CARES Act funding. Additional grants will be awarded to licensed and registered child care programs to cover increased operating costs and decreased revenue, and to support providers ability to stay in business long-term providing continuity for children’s care. Please see the updated FAQ’s that provide guidance.
Thank you, more than ever I appreciate your dedication and commitment to children and families in Montana.
Patty Butler
Early Childhood Services Bureau Chief
CCDF State Administrator