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Summer Care Grant Update August 2022

The deadline for Summer Care Grant applications was June 3, 2022 at 12pm. Only applications received online by the funder by this deadline will be considered for funding. If your application was not submitted online or not received by the funder by the deadline, your application will not be funded. There will be no additional funding nor reopening of applications this year.

Approvals are still going out with checks in the mail. Funds must be used to support summer child care expenses. The funder will be doing random audits of applicants so families will need to keep their receipts and proof of expenses.

All of the Summer Care Grant applicants have been emailed requesting information. We are contacting applicants again via the email or phone information provided on the application. Applicants must respond and send the requested information by the deadlines shared. No additional information or emails will be accepted after August 12, 2022. After this date, applications will be denied to meet the funding requirements and reporting deadlines. All denial decisions are final and not eligible for appeal.

Funding for the 2023 summer is possible but not guaranteed. If the Summer Care Grant is available in 2023, Family Connections will share the information on our social media.