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Second Round of ARPA Payments

Important Information from Early Childhood Project:
The second round of ARPA payments coming out soon!
-Applications for the second round are for new employees who have become employed since the first round of payments. If you did not receive the first round of payments but now meet the qualifications, you may also apply.
-If you DID receive the first round of ARPA payments and have not changed your address you do not need to apply. You will automatically receive this payment.
-If you were paid for the first round and have not moved, you do not need to do anything. Please do not apply “just in case” as this could delay processing your payment.
-If you were paid for the first round and have since changed your address, please mail or fax a new W9 and write Change of Address at the top.
-Applications are not available until December 1st- January 13th and will be available in your registry account under Incentives and Awards, called Childcare Provider Retention/Incentive Payment. You do need to be current and working for a licensed facility which has been verified by us.
Please follow this link for a tutorial video on how to submit for the second round of ARPA payments.
You can check at the bottom of your application in your registry account to see if we received your W9 and have processed your application. Please wait one week after faxing or mailing your W9 to check in your account. We are short-staffed and may not be able to answer your phone calls or emails for some time.