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Fresh Start Grant

What is a Fresh Start Grant?

  • One-time funding for child care providers to:
    • Expand/start/retain a child care business with emphasis on addressing community needs.
      • Contact a Family Connections Referral Specialist for more information about child care needs in your area. Community need documentation should be included in your grant request.
    • Help paying for damages caused by natural disasters
  • Priority will be placed on items that have the greatest impact on quality child learning environments and provide the greatest impact to community needs for child care/ disaster response.
  • Grants are generally a range of $100-$2000. Family Connections may award grants for more or less than the maximum amount based on available funding and community needs.
  • Applying for a grant does not guarantee award. Awards are based on funding available and how the request addresses the need for child care in a community or address the impact of a natural disaster.

How do I qualify?

  • You must be a currently licensed or registered child care provider or new child care businesses should provide proof of licensing process and/or statement from a Family Connections Professional Development Staff Member who you have been working with
  • Providers are encouraged to work with your local Small Business Development Center to support your new or expanding child care business.
  • Providers experiencing a disaster are encouraged to work with local disaster response teams.

When and how do I apply?

  • Access the application here or request an application from a Family Connections Professional Development Specialist staff member.
  • Grant applications are due on or before February 15th, 2019.
  • Application cycle is open each fiscal year based on available funding. Applications can be returned by, Fax: 406.453.8976, OR Drop off/Mail: Family Connections, 202 2nd Avenue South Suite 201, Great Falls, MT 59405.
  • Approved programs will be required to complete a grant report. This report will include request of program data, impact, and success stories and photos.

Programs will be notified of acceptance or denial of the grant by mail, email or phone. Please fill in the application with all requested information. Any additional information you can supply is valuable.  It is also helpful to attach photos, or letters of support. If the grant is awarded, Family Connections will work with each provider to purchase items directly from the vendor. Grantees are required to complete all additional information requests and documentation by deadlines requested, failure to comply with Family Connections requests will result in loss of the grant in part or entirely.