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Family and Group Business Training

Attention Family and Group Child Care Business Owners!  Spots are still available for Raise Montana’s upcoming Family and Group Child Care Business Series!

Series will run every Tuesday, April 4th – June 6th, from 6-9pm.

The Family and Group Business Series is a 10-week series designed to cover key aspects of running a home-based child care business.  Designed to support adult learners to have positive and successful learning experiences, you will leave with the knowledge and relationships to sustain and grow your family child care businesses.

Each week of the Virtual Business Series features:

⧾ 30 minutes of independent pre-work, guided by a video lesson

⧾ 2 hours of synchronous, live learning over video

⧾ 1 hour of “learning lab” time in a small collaborative group

In addition to 34 hours of professional development, participants will also receive a training materials box with surprise treats and resources.

Research on family child care indicates that providers who utilize effective professional and business practices are less likely to experience personal and professional stress and more likely to view family child care as a career. They are also more likely to provide a high quality learning environment and interact more sensitively with children

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to identify what is unique about your business and create an effective marketing plan
  • How to write and enforce a contract that protects your time and money
  • How to develop a policy handbook that supports strong partnership with families
  • How to manage risks and prepare for emergencies by making a plan and purchasing adequate insurance
  • What the Time-Space Percentage is and how to calculate your own percentage
  • How to use an accounting system to track family child care related income and expenses
  • How to manage finances using a cash flow statement and a budget
  • How to organize records and prepare for tax preparation

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