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Childcare Licensing Onsite Inspection Process and Protocol: Temporary Process Phase II

Per the memo sent out 4/20/2021, Child Care Licensors returned to doing onsite inspections for programs effective 5/3/2021. Since that time, licensors have conducted over 230 onsite visits. A review of visits and overall health and well being has been conducted, and a decision to expand inspections has been made.

Effective 7/15/2021, Licensors will move to Phase II for onsite inspections.

Phase II Process
• Licensors may complete more than 1 inspection per day in the same county.
• Licensors will contact program to schedule a convenient time (this can be outside of normal operating hours) for an onsite visit. This will continue through 9/30/2021.
• Masks should be worn if the licensor feels more comfortable and/or if the provider requests the licensor wear a mask into the facility.

Licensor Protocol
• Multiple inspections conducted on one day must be within the same county
• All inspections are announced
• Can conduct inspections outside of business hours if mutually agreed upon with the program director
• Conduct a daily health self-assessment before going onsite
• Wear mask if requested by director, or by personal preference
• Wash hands before and after inspection
• Utilize hand sanitizer or wash hands, as needed