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Child Care Business Toolkit

These are uncertain and trying times for child care businesses. You have many questions in a time where few answers are available. First things first: Click here for tips on taking care of yourself! 

Family Connections is committed to supporting your success on your terms and will update you with information as we receive it.

Click on the following resources to help you manage the immediate future:

Big Take-Aways for Child Care Businesses:

  1. Communicate honestly and clearly and often with your families, employees, and bankers (work with those you have relationships with already). EVERYONE needs help and each other. Lean in.
  2. Review your contract for payment and cancellations. Consider offering discounted rates for families to hold their slots during this emergency time, while their children are not attending.
  3. Read over your insurance policy for “disruption of service”. Even if you think you’ll get declined, file a claim anyway.
  4. Apply for help sooner rather than later (and realize there will be huge waits on phones, etc.). Track your losses and increased expenses beginning on 3.12.2020 when Montana declared emergency. Talk to loan officers and banks. Ask for deferments.
  5. Click here for resources for employees laid off, Also, see if child care that has remained open or other emergency child care needs workers.
  6. Click here for resources for businesses experiencing losses

Click here for a fantastic list of resources from Child Care Aware 

Tom Copeland, an expert in childcare business, hosted a seminar on The Business Side of Corona Virus which sold out at 2400 participants!

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Family Connections greatly appreciates your service to children and families in keeping our community safe!