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Brief Survey on the Best Beginnings Scholarship

The Early Childhood Services Bureau would like your feedback.

Please complete this brief survey on the Best Beginnings Scholarship:

From the onset of the pandemic, the Early Childhood Services Bureau has used federal COVID-relief funds to implement payment policy changes to the Best Beginning’s Scholarship.

Those changes included:

  • Co-payment reduction: all BBS families had their co-payments reduced to $10.
  • Payment regardless of attendance: child care providers were paid the full Best Beginnings Scholarship amount regardless of a child’s attendance.
  • Income eligibility increase: the income threshold was raised from 150% Federal Poverty Level to 185%, more on the Best Beginnings website.

With the end of federal COVID-relief funds, the Early Childhood Services Bureau will not have the funding to maintain all the changes listed above. However, ECSB is looking at sustaining or modifying policies that help families and providers the most. This survey is designed to capture what families and providers see as the most impactful of these policies.