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Best Beginnings Scholarship Invoice Instructions

To:          CCR&R Eligibility Specialists

CCR&R Executive Directors

Child Care Providers

Families participating in Best Beginnings Scholarship program


On 3/12/2020, Governor Bullock issued Executive Order No. 2-2020 declaring Montana in a state of emergency with the presence of COVID-19. Since the state of emergency, families and child care providers have been affected in various ways. Child care providers and families have worked together to meet the needs and well-being of the children, as well as their communities.

As we near the end of the month of March we realize that there are questions as to absenteeism due to COVID-19.  To support families on the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship and child care providers providing services to these families, the scholarship will pay the entire authorized amount for each child who is attending a child care program, or has been absent from the provider since 3/12/2020. Please note that the scholarship can only pay one provider. If a child began attending a new provider on or after 3/12/2020, only the current provider where the children are attending,  will be paid for child care.

Invoice Instructions

For child care providers that have remained opened, please do the following:

  • On either the online or paper invoice, a comment must be added to each day the child would normally be in attendance but is absent. (note that many of the R&R eligibility staff are teleworking and using the online invoicing platform may enhance service)

o   In the Hours Requested, Put “O.”

o   In the Comments, write “Open, Absent, COVID-19.”

For child care providers that have closed for an extended period and are not currently caring for children, please do the following:

  • On either the online or paper invoice, please add a comment, “Closed, COVID-19” on the day the child care facility closed. Please note, that at this time no reimbursements will be made for programs not offering services. Additional information will be released soon for providers that have chosen to close.

There will be additional information released that will describe other supports for providers and families.  For now, this informational memo is for the month of March service, authorization, invoicing, and payment for Best Beginnings Scholarship.

Thank you, take good care of yourself and each other.  Know that you are valued and appreciated for all that you do each day, and especially during these difficult days.

My best to each of you,

Patty Butler, Early Childhood Services Bureau Chief