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Best Beginnings Legally Certified Provider

What is a Legally Certified Provider (LCP)?

A Legally Certified Provider (LCP) is a certification for a friend or family member that cares for up to two children from different families or all the children in one sibling group.  The family that is receiving care must be eligible for the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship.

How do I become a Legally Certified Provider (LCP)?

You will only be eligible to become an LCP if the family you are providing child care for is eligible for the Best  Beginnings Child Care Scholarship.  The family’s application submitted to the local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency is separate from your application.

Submit your LCP Application to Child Care Licensing PO Box 202953, Helena MT 59620. You must pass a criminal and child&adult protective service background checks. Anyone 18 years or older living in the provider’s home must also complete a Statement of Health, Release of Information, Fingerprint Disclosure Statement, and background checks. Fees and forms may vary. You must attend LCP Online Orientation class within 60 days of your approval.  LCP Online Orientation is available for $15.00 at Child Care

For questions about the LCP Program, contact Child Care Licensing: 444-0597 or

How do I attend Online Legally Certified Provider (LCP) Orientation?

Click here for Online LCP Orientation. If you have problems with the website, training, or questions (computer requirements, fees, course work, etc.), call Child Care Resources 406-728-6446, email cct@childcareresources, or web site. The LCP Online Orientation Guide has more information.