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Why Should I Have My Child Screened?

Why Should I Have My Child Screened?

Families with children ages five and under are encouraged to have their children ages five and under-screened for vision, hearing, and developmental progress. Why is this so important?  A child’s brain connections grow most rapidly between ages 0-3 years and continues at a rapid pace to where 90% of their brain structure is in place BEFORE they start kindergarten.  This means that if there are any delays or disabilities, the sooner they are detected, the sooner specific help or interventions can be put in place to make sure each child has a successful future.  Where can you get your child screened? Contact your local elementary school to see if they have a screening service or event. If one is not available contact your regional Part C provider. Here is a map of providers by region.  Additionally, look for events specifically for pre-school-aged children. These events are chock full of information for parents and activities and resources for building well-functioning brains and bodies! Learn about what stages of development a child progresses through and when to be concerned.

Two events coming to the Great Falls area are the Preschool Expo Drive-Thru on April 10 from 10am-12pm and the Fun at the Museum event on April 16.

• Reserve your Brain Builder Bag by calling Family Connections 406.761.6010 or email Families drive through Paris Gibson parking lot at 2400 Central Ave, Great Falls.

• Fun at the Children’s Museum for ages 0-3. Teeth, ear, vision, and developmental screenings.
April 16th. Call 406.403.0087 to save your spot! Siblings older than 3 are welcome to come and play also. Masks required for all over age 5.

Can’t make it to an expo or screening? There’s an app for that!
Download the free VROOM app here or in your favorite app store. Have daily interactions with your children that build their brains and bodies without having to buy supplies!

For more information on early childhood interventions, visit the Montana Milestones project here: