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Are you interested in the new Montana Director Credential?

One way to earn the new Montana Director Credential is through the Aim 4 Excellence Administration / Management coursework option. Aim 4 Excellence is a 9 module course developed specifically for directors check out Aim 4 Excellence at In Montana this course must be taken for college credit through UM Western with a cohort of students over a period of three semesters. A new cohort will be starting up in January.

If you are contemplating participating, a Professional Development Incentive Award- Higher Education (PDIA-HE) can help pay, however the deadline is THIS Friday, November 22nd! This is one of the ways to help pay for the Aim4 Excellence modules.  The cohort will run from January to December, covering 9 Aim4Excellence modules and 9 college credits through U of M Western. This application period is for both Spring and Summer 2014-  6 college credits & $750 is available.  Another $250 would be available for Fall 2014 coursework (3 credits.).  For the application for the PDIA-HE, please go to the Early Childhood Project (ECP) website:

For more information about the cohort and Aim 4 Excellence, you may contact Collette Box at (406)756-7295 or