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Name Change

Over the next several months, Family Connections, Inc. will be transitioning away from the adopted program name Child Care Solutions (MT) to Family Connections.  This comes as a result of another party having legal issues with our use of this program name. Despite many attempts to resolve this matter, we were unable to reach a resolution. If we continue, it may be several years more of this exchange, and we feel it is the best interest of all involved to move on and spend no more additional time or resources on this matter. We are and will continue to be focused on you, our clients and partners, our most valued resource. We apologize most sincerely for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused you. Please know that we remain committed to providing families and providers with the best possible services and that for us will never change. Thanks so much for your understanding as this transition will take some patience and cooperation as we update everything to reflect the Family Connections name.  Currently, you may still see the Child Care Solutions (MT) name along with Family Connections until the transition is complete and all forms, links, etc are updated.

Family Connections, Inc.