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Family Connections Montana

Mission, Vision & Values

Annual Report

Family Resource Guides: Region 5: North Central MT Region 6: North Eastern MT

Our Mission: Family Connections MT is the community childhood resource promoting the success of children.

Our Vision: We create communities where children have the resources and opportunities to succeed and pursue their dreams.

Our Guiding Principles: Many principles guide our work in pursuit of our mission.

At Family Connections, we:

  • Believe in high quality, best practice and effective services based on professional relationships that are responsive to the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Recognize the benefit respecting diversity has to our society.
  • Advocate for essential services and secure the necessary resources to fund those services.
  • Serve as a resource for our clients in accessing community services.
  • Recognize the responsibility for ongoing staff and board professional development.
  • Recruit and retain board members who are devoted to our organization through competent governance.

Our Values: Family Connections MT is committed to the following values that guide our actions:

  • Care is empathy and compassion for children, families, providers, partners, and staff. It is exemplified through our program development and advocacy to address unmet needs.
  • Family is a unit of people connected to each other with common goals. It is the foundation needed to provide support and encouragement to allow people to reach their full potential.
  • Integrity is always conducting oneself with honesty and fairness. FCMT builds a reputation on positive actions, compassionate responses, and dedicated staff while adhering to our Code of Ethics.
  • Responsibility is achieving what is required and following through with commitments.
  • Respect is treating others with dignity while recognizing each individual for their uniqueness.
  • Trust is earned by being honest and speaking without judgment. Those we serve trust in our customer service and ability to give accurate information through excellent communication resulting in satisfied clients.
  • Confidentiality is keeping information private and sharing only when appropriate. Our efforts to keep confidentiality are extensive and continuous.
  • Loyalty is remaining dedicated and devoted to our mission.