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COVID-19 Special Circumstance Scholarship Application for Families Requiring In-Home Child Care

COVID-19 Special Circumstances In-Home Family Child Care Scholarship:

Family Connections is receiving an extremely high volume of applications, our staff is processing grants as quickly as possible given the high demand.

• Applications are processed based on the information shared so please include specific information about your family’s special circumstances and reasons requiring in-home care. We are notifying applicants with approval, denial, or if more information is required.

• Incomplete applications and those with follow up questions will be placed on hold. As we receive additional information, we will process those on a first respond, first served basis.

• Funds are limited and a waiting list will be instituted when funds are exhausted. Family Connections and our partners are advocating for additional funds to assist those on the waiting list, but the scholarship and additional funding is not guaranteed to any applicant.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created unique challenges for Montana’s families who are working to balance returning to the workforce with childcare and support needs. The scholarship is available for families with children aged 0-18. The scholarship aims to provide opportunity for families that include children or family members with special needs which may include health or safety needs requiring in-home care. This may also include foster families and kinship families with unique in-home needs.

*Note* Just because there is no ‘in person school’ is not necessarily a special circumstance. The intent of the scholarship is to provide a solution for those unique, special circumstances that cannot be served under the school or traditional child care model.

A special circumstance scholarship is available to help parents offset costs for children aged 0-18, such as individualized or specialized care, respite, increased food and supply costs for in-home childcare, increased cleaning needs, and support for remote learning.

The scholarship amount is $4000 per family and may be used for care in their home or in another provider’s home, such as a family member, a friend, or a neighbor. Scholarships must be awarded and spent by December 31, 2020 and are based on available funding. The Child Care Resource and Referral Agency may ask for additional documentation of the special circumstance.

Access the scholarship application HERE.

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