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Registering for Classes Online

After some feedback and confusion about registering for classes through our new website, we have decided to write this “how to” in order to help ease the frustration people have been experiencing, including our own staff.  The process seems complicated; however, it is much easier to navigate than our previous site and after a couple successful registrations, we are confident you will appreciate the new system.  This registration “how to” is divided according to different scenarios in order to help with the process.

 Steps for every scenario:

1. Find the class you desire to register for.  The complete class listing can be most easily found by clicking the calendar icon on the top of our homepage.  The classes are in chronological order.

2.  Click on Title of the Class or the “Read More” button for the class you are interested in.  You can now see the full description and class information on the right hand side of the page with a registration form on the bottom.

3.  Fill in the registration form.  At this time each person must be registered one at a time.

4.  Click the “Register” button on the bottom of the registration form.  If any information was not provided, the site will prompt you to make any corrections.  From this point, you can complete registration or register for more classes.  The next steps assume you have registered for all the classes you are interested in. 

 Registering for ONLY free classes:

5.  Click on “Complete Registration” in order to complete the registration process.

6.  This screen is now showing your “Shopping Cart” and the total is zero dollars.

7.  Click the orange button “Register Free Items”

8.  Registration is complete when you see the green box that says “You registered for X events.  We’ve received your information and have added you to our registration list.”

 Registering for ONLY classes that cost:

5.  Click on “Complete Registration” in order to complete the registration process.

6.  This screen is now showing your “Shopping Cart” with the total cost on the bottom.

7.  Click the orange button “Proceed to Checkout” and it will direct you to PayPal where you can pay by logging into a PayPal account or without logging in and simply adding your card information.

8.  (If you log into your PayPal account, skip this step.) Type in your card information and click “Review and Continue” button.

9.  Review your purchase and click “Pay Now.”

10.  At this point, if you do not automatically get redirected to Family Connections Montana website, YOU MUST CLICK “Return to Family Connections, Inc” link and allow the browser open our site.

11. Registration is complete ONLY when you see the green box that says “Thank you for your payment.  Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you.”

 Registering for Free AND Cost Classes:

5.  Steps are identical to registering for classes that cost and your free classes will remain zero dollars.

 It is important to know that registration is not complete until you have seen a green rectangular box on your screen while on

Please contact Family Connections Montana with any questions at or call 406-761-6010.