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NEW Professional Development Policies

Due to new classes and grant requirements, Family Connections Montana, formerly Family Connections, has revised its policies regarding professional development classes.  Please call with any questions you may have.

  1. All dates, times, and locations are tentative and subject to change. View our Professional Development Training Calendar.
  2. No children please.
  3. Pre-payment required, and NO REFUNDS will be given unless the class is cancelled by Family Connections Montana.
  4. Payment will not be accepted at trainings.
    • Drop in participants will be turned away if the class is full.
    • If space is available in the class, drop in participants will be accepted.  Payment may be made via mail or drop box, and the certificate for this registrant will be held until payment is confirmed by administrative staff.
    • Payments not received within 10 days for a drop in participant will result in no training credit for the participant.
  5. Family Connections Montana reserves the right to cancel training due to low enrollment.  Cancellation of a course will be made by 10 am the day of the course if being facilitated by Family Connections Montana staff; if being facilitated by a guest speaker, cancellation will be made by 10 am the day BEFORE the scheduled class due to low enrollment. 
  6. Cancellation of a class due to extreme circumstances (emergency, illness, weather, etc.) may happen and participants will be notified as soon as possible if this occurs.
  7. Cancellation and transfer to a new class by the participant must be made by 10 am the day of the course.
  8. Request for a transfer or refund due to extreme circumstances (illness, emergency, etc.) after 10 am the day of the course must be made in writing within 10 days of the course to Family Connections’ Provider Services Manager.
  9. Waiting lists will be created for every class if maximum enrollment has been reached.
    • Family Connections Montana will contact waiting list participants by 2 pm the day of the course if space becomes available.
    • Payment for Waiting List participants will be accepted in the office until close (usually 5 pm). If after closing, payment can be received in the office drop box or mail. The certificate will not be issued until payment is verified.
  10. Students who are disruptive during class or violate class ground rules will be asked to leave and will not receive training credit.
  11. Any participant missing more than 15 minutes of a class will not be given credit for that training.
  12. STARS to Quality Field Test Required Trainings:
    • Participants involved in the STARS to Quality field test will be able to register for courses as soon as the class is posted.  Non-STARS participants will be able to register for any open spots 10 days prior to the class being offered.
    • No more than 1/3 of any STARS required training may be filled with staff from one facility.
    • Priority registration will be given to STARS participants for the first offering of a STARS required course.  If there is room 10 days prior to the course, the class will be opened up for general registration
    • For repeated offerings: 30% of the slots will be held for STARS field test participants, QAD referrals, and/or programs serving children with special needs.  The remaining 70% of the class will then be opened for general registration.
    • Family Connections Montana reserves the right to prioritize by staff for Centers that are registering for STARS courses, in order to accommodate more facilities.  Examples of prioritization may be only lead teachers can attend, etc.
  13. Prioritization for the Preschool Certification Course will be as follows:
    • All interested providers will fill out an application by the deadline stated for each course.
    • Priority will be given first to STARS Participants who are below a Level 4 on the Practitioner Registry OR not enrolled in any Early Childhood higher education coursework that prepares them for a CDA credential, apprenticeship certificate, 30 credit college certification in Early Childhood, or an AA Degree in Early Childhood; second to Stars Participants in general; third to non-STARS participants.
  14. Prioritization for the Infant Toddler Certification Course will be as follows:
    • All interested providers will fill out an application by the deadline stated for each course.
    • Priority will be given to STARS field test participants.
  15. CEU’s are available through MSU-Bozeman for approved courses only. The forms are available with the Family Connections Montana Provider Services staff.  MSU determines the cost of CEU’s and once mailed they are out of Family Connections control. 
  16. OPI Credits are made available for approved courses and forms are available with the trainer.