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Online Class Registration and Payment

Family Connections Montana enjoys our new website with all its new features and hopes our customers are finding it more current and user-friendly.  The new site offers us flexibility in changing content, adding classes, and growing as an organization well into the future.

With the new website, some changes occurred in class registration and online payment.   In order to complete registration, the registrant must return back from PayPal.  After entering in payment information and submitting payment through PayPal, the PayPal site will automatically direct you back to; this can a take a few seconds and registration will not be complete unless it returns back to our site.  A reminder statement is on our website before being directed to PayPal to help in this change.  If the registrant does not return back to our website, our site will not register anyone for the class; this could lead to participants being turned away at the class due to attendance restrictions despite proof of payment. 

For questions about registering for classes online, please email or call 406-761-6010.