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Budget Buffer Basics

The following information was written by the ECSB.

  • Electronic banking is convenient. Payments can be deposited electronically by the State warrant writing system, in the same fashion that the bank, with the permission of the account holder, can withdraw funds to make mortgage, power, or phone bill payments electronically. Electronic payments, work well, as designed, as long as there are funds in the bank to cover the payments. This is the buffer.
  • Child care payment batch schedule – Child Care Payments are scheduled to process on the 5th business day of each month, each Tuesday thereafter, and on the 2nd to last business day of each month. When everything works just right, checks/direct deposits are usually available to you two days after the date the payment was processed. For example: If your payment was processed in a Tuesday batch, your funds should be available by Thursday of that same week. Provided there are no issues in processing, payments take at least three days, including the batch run day, before the funds are available.
  • 77% to 80% of all invoices for child care payments are paid in the first batch. At the beginning of each month, Child Care Resource and Referral agencies receive a flood of invoices for child care services performed in the previous month. An impressive statistic is that, 77 to 80 percent of these invoices, for prior month child care services, get processed by the 5th business day of the month after services where rendered.
  • The timing of Child Care payments is not guaranteed by DPHHS. While the Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies and the Early Childhood Services Bureau strive to get child care payments approved in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee that they are processed accordingly. There are far too many variables involved in the processing of an invoice, from the data entry of Child Care Resource and Referral Agency, to the CCUBS System, to the state accounting systems, to the mail/banking system, for payment and ultimately delivery of the check or the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/direct deposit.
  • Your help is important.  You can help to receive your child care payment in a timely manner by getting your invoice in promptly at the beginning of the month and by making sure you have submitted a correct W-9 for address change or bank account change. Please remember, it is important that you do not make payments against funds that you are expecting, regardless of who they are from, until the funds are actually received.

Please remember, the timing of Child Care payments is not guaranteed by DPHHS.