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Accepting Mini Grant Applications!

Family Connections Montana has received the updated mini grant application and, as promised, communicating it as quickly as possible.  As the 1st quarter is quickly coming to an end, the deadline for mini grant applications is no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, December 8, 2010. In future quarters, we will have an early bird deadline and another deadline as we had in the past; this quarter is already facing time restrictions.

 Mini grants have also changed some requirements.  Mini grants are no longer separated into two grants.  Instead, center facilities are eligible for a maximum award of $3000 and family/group facilities are eligible for a maximum award of $2000.  Additionally, any facility that has received a mini grant in the last year is eligible to apply only when a full calendar year has passed from the grant award.  Providers that are participating in STARS to Quality with incentives are ineligible.  Please review the complete mini grant guidelines for further understanding.

If you have applied for a mini grant in the past and were not awarded, please apply again.  Staff at Family Connections Montana wants to assist providers with any questions or simply completing the application.  Contact Melody Stewart at 406-761-6010 or Mary Ann Smith at 406-949-0441 for assistance with the application.  Take advantage of this great opportunity to improve the quality of care for the families you serve.  Apply today!